Elevating Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

Datumix is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company specializing in the using the latest machine learning technology, big data analytics and personalized online user experience. AI is the future and part of that future is helping companies understand the power and potential AI can bring to their business, both online and offline, to create a more effective and efficient world. With offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo, Datumix has a global perspective, guiding companies of all sizes and scopes into the future that is AI.


Self learning optimization engine capable of constructing physical spaces and systems in virtual worlds.

How It Works

Time is money. Efficiency is everything. In today’s world there is no time for delays or downtime. If the machines aren’t running, nothing is getting done. If the trucks aren’t driving, nothing is getting delivered. The problem is, systems, protocols and processes are constantly changing, evolving, updating. How do you keep up without slowing down?


Customizable recommendation engine for multi-media and e-commerce

How it Works

The average person spends about 3-5 seconds on a website or web page. The average rate of cart abandonment online is 69.23%. That is a lot of money left on the table everyday. Nora.ai is a recommendation engine designed to keep users engaged by providing a personalized experience. Data is power and we believe much of that power is unrealized. Nora.aiempowers companies to discover the true potential of their data by utilizing the possibilities of recommendation in order to boost ROI, page views, profits and more. Discover your full power with Nora.ai.